Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NT Scan / Food Aversions

Today we went for an NT Scan and we got some ultrasound pictures. It was great to see the baby again. It just really reminds me that no matter what I'm going through now, physically and mentally, it's all worth it. The baby's heart beat was 154, which is perfect.

The doctor also told us a little more about cystic fibrosis and our chances even if Jeff is a carrier as well. It's all a little scary but the doctor didn't seem to be too worried. We finally got everything ready so Jeff will be going for the screening today and we should know next week if he's a carrier or not.

I've been having a lot of problems eating lately. I'm having a serious meat aversion. I can't eat plain meat by itself but if it's hid I can tolerate it. It's not even just meat though. I made myself rice and beans last night and then couldn't eat it. It's weird because it's like the food just lingers in my mouth and I can't swallow it. It's almost like trying to eat rubber. I'm just really worried about trying to keep a healthy diet with all these food problems I've been having. I will just have to try different things and hope I can find something to eat. I've been eating pizza or bagel bites for almost every meal because that is the only thing I can seem to eat easily. Hopefully I'll figure something out!

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