Thursday, April 16, 2009

15 Weeks!

This pregnancy is flying by. It's hard to believe I'm 5 days away from being *4* months pregnant. I'm almost at the halfway mark! I'm sure Jeff and I have already gotten way too much stuff. I was trying to find things to put on a registry and I was having a hard time. The thing I'm most anxious about now is getting the baby's room all set up. We have the nursery furniture sitting in the living room now because our roommate is not moving out until August and her room is becoming the nursery. Sara is going to design it which I'm super excited about!

I have been sleeping a little better at night. I'm not waking up so many times to pee and the hip pain seems to be getting a little better. I keep reading online how the second trimester is the easiest though, so I know it will get bad again. I'm trying to enjoy my sleep while I can.

Yesterday morning I woke up very sick for the first time in awhile. Jeff was working an overnight and I woke up at around 6:15AM and could not stop throwing up. After I ate a little breakfast I seemed to start feeling better, but not after I had already made a mess of the toilet and kitchen sink with my throw up! After Jeff got home and slept a few hours he cleaned everything up for me.

I'm still having problems eating, but I think I'm getting the hang of it a little more. I'm still not excersizing, which is starting to really get to me. I really want to get back into it now. I keep telling myself I will take the dog for a walk when I get home but things come up or I start to feel dizzy or nauseous, and it just doesn't happen. I want to really get serious about it, though. If I have to I will go to the gym or take a walk on my lunch break. The benefits of pregnancy excersize are just too good and I just want to make sure I do everything I can.

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