Friday, April 17, 2009

Jeff Blog: It's About Time

I figured it was about time I finally post a blog. Suprisingly I'm not doing this just to make Jamie happy but I am doing this for me. I am really bad at writing and don't know where to start. The past 4 months have been very interesting and I have no idea why I haven't posted a blog or had a lot more input. I am usually the one full of advice, answers, and information. I think the title of this entry is very fitting. Jamie and I have been talking a lot about this blog, family, and the registry. The past few months have been difficult but things are getting easier now. I have a lot more confidence and as silly as this sounds i really feel a part of the planning, ideas, and preperation. Jamie really hit a nerve when she was talking to me about acting like I wasn't excited and that changed my views and attitude a lot.
I guess the reason I used the title It's About Time is because of the huge step we made last night. Last night I had the privilege of meeting Jamie's grandparents. The whole situation was not what we were expecting. I thought there would be a lot of critisicm and questions. Her folks actually were not pushy, nosey, or anything negative AND they actually gave some advice and genuinly wanted to get to know me. I wish we had more time with her grandparents and Marylou didn't talk so much. Overall it was a great expierience besides Jamie thinking I'm a caveman and etc. Her grandad is a piece of work and I really look forward to getting to know them better.
I also hope my writing gets a lot better. I thought after last night and the past couple of weeks I would write a journal and not a couple of paragraphs. In closing I really think last night and the past couple of weeks were steps Jamie and I were struggling with our whole relationship. I look forward to the steps, obstacles, and challenges with the mother of my baby and the young woman I am in love with. I'm gonna end this entry before Jamie gets home and before I make a bigger fool out of myself.

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