Friday, April 24, 2009

Miserable Airplane Ride / Big Belly

My airplane ride home from Salt Lake City was miserable! I had to leave my seat during take off to throw up and I kept throwing up the entire 4 hour flight. I ate lunch about 3 hours before the flight and had grapes as a snack right before so I thought I would be fine, but boy was I wrong! They switched my seat with the person who has the aisle seat right by the bathroom and I was in and out of the bathroom throwing up the whole flight. The flight was a little more turbulent then on the way there, but not much more that I should have been that sick, so I guess I was just having a bad day.

In other news my belly had a serious growth spurt this week. I will have to start posting belly pictures on here. I was slowly growing out of all my pants but now absolutely none of them fit anymore, even the big ones. Since it's Friday I can wear my maternity jeans, thank goodness, but I need to get pants before Monday. I've been shopping for maternity work pants but haven't found much for prices I want to spend. They are really expensive! I have plenty of casual clothes because I bought another woman's whole lot of used maternity clothes for $20 and they are all casual, but mostly jeans and nothing I can wear to work. I'm lucky I found her on craigslist though because I got so many great clothes for only $20.

Looks like Jeff will get dragged on another shopping trip this weekend for maternity pants. Usually every time we go out we don't end up getting what we went for and find something for the baby instead, so I have to stay on track and find some pants so I'll have something to wear to work on Monday!

According to everyone, I should be starting to feel the baby move any day now which is super exciting. Jeff will have to wait another 3 weeks or so to feel it but I will start feeling movement any time! I know that feeling the baby moving will make me so much less paranoid all the time and it's really a huge step. We also have another doctor appointment / ultrasound scheduled for Monday so stay tuned for a new picture of our little one :)

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