Thursday, April 9, 2009

In Pain & Can't Eat

Things have been rough for me to say the least. I haven't been sleeping at night. I am not used to sleeping on my side but it gives me horrible hip pain. I toss and turn from side to side all night and get up to pee about 17 times. I know it's a vicous cycle because when I get up to pee I also usually take a drink of water, but I can't help it. My mouth is so dry and I'm so thirsy that I need to drink.

Then there's my eating problem. No food has taste anymore. No matter what I eat, they pretty much all taste the same. But I'm even more picky about what I eat now. It seems like the different consistencies of foods bother me. I'm eating a lot of cheese - I can eat mac n cheese, pizza, bagel bites... and that's about it. I try to have a sandwich every now and then and sometimes I can suffer through it. Usually I'm ok with eating an egg in the morning for breakfast also, as long as it's over easy and not overcooked. I'm just having such a hard time eating anything!

What worries me the most about this is two things. I'm still not gaining weight because I avoid eating with all these problems. And then when I do eat, it's usually unhealthy, so that's not good for my little baby. I really want to do what's best for my baby but it's so hard now. I'm still *SO* nauseous all the time even though everyone said it would go away by now.

This pregnancy thing is really hard. It's not at all what I expected. I know it's different for every woman, and even every pregnancy, but I never imagined it would be this hard... and to think it's only going to get harder! I'm trying so hard to get back into excersizing. I know how important it is just to walk but by the time I get home everyday all I want to do is get into bed...

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