Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Airplane / Nausea

My baby took his/her first airplane ride Sunday.  We're here in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The airplane ride wasn't bad.  My doctor told me there's really no reason to worry as long as I got up every hour or so to prevent blood clots.  It actually worked out well walking around the plane because I made another pregnant friend :)

I got in late on Sunday and went to bed as soon as I got to my hotel.  I actually woke up feeling better then I have in a long time so I decided not to take the nausea pill I usually need to take to function in the morning.  I'm here for a conference so I went to that in the morning and even felt well enough to walk around Salt Lake City during our break for lunch.  I was able to eat a decent sized breakfast, a snack, and a good sized lunch, still without feeling nauseous, but then in the late afternoon it hit me.  I had to walk out of one of my sessions to throw up in the bathroom (I'm shocked I made it there).  Then later that afternoon while everyone was in the same room for the "social" I had to throw up in a nearby garbage can! How embarrassing!

I was talking with a group of people and the nausea feeling hit me way more sudden then it ever has.  One of the guys was getting ready to ask me if I was ok because I guess I looked really pale but I had already turned around and started throwing up in the garbage behind me.  I ran to the nearby bathroom with 2 women following me to make sure I was ok and threw up twice more in the bathroom.  Something definitely hit me hard, and I don't even know what it was because I didn't even try to eat anything.

I left to go back to my hotel and was miserable for the rest of the night.  I tried to sip on sprite and eat crackers, but I threw up everything.  I guess I was past the time where I could have taken the nausea pill because all I would do then is throw it up.  I called Jeff & cried over the phone while I lied in bed with the garbage can next to me.  Of all the times not to have him around me , I was just so upset.  We talked for pretty much the whole night and he calmed me down somehow.  I'm sure being upset was making me throw up even more, but thank goodness for Jeff.  I can't believe he could help me that much just over the phone.  I got off the phone with him when it was getting late so I could take a shower - which turned into a 2 hour bath.

So last night was pretty miserable.  I ended up not eating anything after lunch since I would throw everything up.  This morning I ate a yogurt before I even got out of bed and made sure I took my nausea pill.  I guess I really just have to realize that I need that pill.  I'm so worried about taking medication while being pregnant that I suffer through headaches and nausea because I think I'm saving the baby from something.  I guess I really just have to realize that the most important thing for the baby is for me to be healthy, and if I need this pill to not throw up all the time and be able to eat healthy then I will just have to take it.  The doctor has told me that it's safe a million times so I need to start listening.  Jeff has been trying to convince me this the whole pregnancy but I guess I've just been a stubborn german!

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