Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pre-Term Scare

Yesterday we had a bit of a scare. At 9:30 PM I started to feel these really weird shaking feelings. At first I just thought they were fast kicks, or fast hiccups or something but then I started to have a lot of braxton hicks contractions really close together so I started to worry. When I called the doctor he said I should have no more then 6 braxton hicks contractions an hour and told me to meet him at the hospital so he could monitor me to make sure I wasn't headed for pre-term labor. That's about the time I started to freak out.

Jeff & I went to the hospital. He took a urine sample, monitored the baby with this machine that wrapped around my belly, and then we had an ultrasound. Everything looked normal and he wasn't concerned about anything so we got sent home at midnight. I was 4.5 cm dialated. The doctor blamed stress. I just read this on the internet:

"Studies have found an association between high levels of stress and preterm birth. The theory is that severe stress can lead to the release of hormones that can trigger uterine contractions and preterm labor."

The baby is 4 lbs 11 oz - getting huge! She looked so squished in my belly on the ultrasound. I am relieved that everything is OK and I'm glad I went even though everything seemed fine because I know I would have worried myself silly all night long. I still woke up in the middle of the night and used the prenatal listener we bought to listen to her for a little while to make myself feel better. Now I'm exhausted and probably have a rough day ahead of me...

Friday, August 14, 2009

32 Week Appointment & Cravings

We had another appointment yesterday and got to hear our little girl's heart beating (136), I absolutely love that sound! I measured at 32 cm. You should be within 2 cm of how many weeks pregnant you are, but I'm perfect. I also read online that this measurement is highly inaccurate because even the baby's position can throw it off.

My back is doing much better now that I'm seeing the chiropractor so that's a relief. I've been craving nothing but hot wings and chocolate milk lately which is absurd because I don't even like milk, I haven't been able to eat chicken the whole pregnancy, and the two really shouldn't go together... but I've finally mastered making my own hot wings. And by making, I mean putting hot sauce on frozen wings & putting them in the oven. They are awesome though. I've already gone through about 3 bags of the costco frozen chicken wings and I'm averaging about 2.5 gallons of milk a week... it's a little insane.

Right now I'm also in breast pump hell. I thought I was all set with the one I picked out until Jeff & I went to a breastfeeding/breastpumping workshop last weekend. I've spent an incredible amount of time looking at comparisons between the Medela Pump In Style and the Avent Isis iQ Duo. The more reviews I read, the more confused I get, and the more I confuse Jeff talking about it. I originally thought I wanted the avent, ESPECIALLY because I've already decided to use avent bottles, which only makes it more convienent. But the woman at the breastfeeding workshop was a Medela advocate and got me second guessing myself. Now I just don't ever know how I'm going to decide between the two...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby Shower, Nursery, & Back Pain

Lots going on all of a sudden! The baby shower was Sunday and it was great. We got everything on our registry except the breast pump and a whole mess of other things! We have more clothes than she will ever be able to wear and more blankets than she will ever be able to use. I did a little bit of returning and we will use that store credit to buy the breast pump. I wish I would have listened to everyone telling me not to buy anything until after the baby shower but I obviously couldn't wait because I'm so impatient. So baby stuff is now taking over the entire house. Oh well!

The crib was delivered on Tuesday and we set it up and it looks BEAUTIFUL! The nursery is complete. We got 2 gift cards at the baby shower that we will be using for decorations this weekend to add some pink to her room. We're still working on putting everything away but there's no way that we have enough room for everything we have. We might need to pick up some extra storage-type-organizer-things this weekend also.

Yesterday was rough. I woke up and got up to go to the bathroom and fell to the floor. I totally wasn't expecting the back pain. I couldn't even walk or put any kind of pressure on my left leg. I tried to not make a big deal out of it because I knew Jeff had an exam yesterday but quickly realized I couldn't do that. I couldn't even get out of bed. Jeff called the pregnancy chiropractor and even though his office was closed yesterday, he came in for an appointment with me. I'm a very lucky girl! We had to wait until 10:00 for his to get there though so Jeff also called our regular doctor and asked what he could do for me in the meantime. I told him I'd drive him to class and go to the chiropractor by myself but he wouldn't let me. He stayed right by my side the whole time. What an amazing man. He called his school and arranged to make up the class and the exam that afternoon, which worked out perfect. He took care of everything while I layed in bed.

The chiropractor told me that my sciatic nerve was severely inflamed on the left side - and also some other stuff that I didn't understand and don't remember. This is about the time that I remembered I hurt my lower back in track a few years back. He said that since the area was already weak from that, this pregnancy was really affecting that area. He did A LOT of adjusting and even showed Jeff the trigger points that he could massage that would help me and showed him how to do it. Since Jeff is going to school for massage thearapy right now he really enjoyed that. Our appointment took forever between the amount of stuff he did and the amount of talking he did with Jeff. I walked out in worse shape then I went in with Jeff practically carrying me but started to feel better gradually throughout the day. Today I'm limping, but at least I can put some pressure on my left leg. I think it's strange that it's only my left side that hurts, but I guess that's the side that I injured. I have another chiropractor appointment Saturday morning. Hopefully this pain won't last until she's born because it's pretty unbearable!