Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pre-Term Scare

Yesterday we had a bit of a scare. At 9:30 PM I started to feel these really weird shaking feelings. At first I just thought they were fast kicks, or fast hiccups or something but then I started to have a lot of braxton hicks contractions really close together so I started to worry. When I called the doctor he said I should have no more then 6 braxton hicks contractions an hour and told me to meet him at the hospital so he could monitor me to make sure I wasn't headed for pre-term labor. That's about the time I started to freak out.

Jeff & I went to the hospital. He took a urine sample, monitored the baby with this machine that wrapped around my belly, and then we had an ultrasound. Everything looked normal and he wasn't concerned about anything so we got sent home at midnight. I was 4.5 cm dialated. The doctor blamed stress. I just read this on the internet:

"Studies have found an association between high levels of stress and preterm birth. The theory is that severe stress can lead to the release of hormones that can trigger uterine contractions and preterm labor."

The baby is 4 lbs 11 oz - getting huge! She looked so squished in my belly on the ultrasound. I am relieved that everything is OK and I'm glad I went even though everything seemed fine because I know I would have worried myself silly all night long. I still woke up in the middle of the night and used the prenatal listener we bought to listen to her for a little while to make myself feel better. Now I'm exhausted and probably have a rough day ahead of me...

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