Thursday, September 24, 2009

38 Weeks Pregnant...

I honestly can't believe I'm 38 weeks pregnant. All I have to say is I'm ready for this little girl to make her entrance whenever she is. I'm getting pretty uncomfortable, especially the last 2 days. I've been feeling this super sharp pain on my left side just about every hour. I asked what the deal was at my appointment yesterday and she told me a bunch of things. After ruling out kidney stone, infection, & something else I can't remember from my urine sample, she told me it's just something comparable to a muscle spasm - I forget the word she used exactly. She said the best thing to do is just relax and try not to stress so much because that's probably what's causing them and that I could rub the area which would help.

I don't want to sound like a wimp but I honestly thought I might be getting close to labor yesterday, that's how painful these things are! They were also happening regularly about every hour. I realize you should feel contractions over your whole stomach and not just the one part but I felt like they were way too painful to be nothing. Maybe it's just hopeful thinking!

Jeff & I went grocery shopping yesterday to stock up on everything we're going to need. I think this weekend I'm also going to make some meals to freeze & store so we don't starve those first couple days. Jeff & I also got a DVD called Baby's First Days or something. It came for free with something so I thought it would be totally stupid but we started watching it last night and it has lots of good tips! We put it in late last night expecting to watch 5 minutes and turn it off but after the first 2 sections I realized how good it is. We were both exhausted though so we'll have to finish watching it tonight.

I also got my breast pump. I bought the avent isis duo. That also came with a DVD to learn how to use it which I watched. All the pieces were kind of intimidating until I watched the DVD but now I'm just excited to use it. I'm sure the biggest problem for me will be making sure I get enough food, sleep, and of course stop stressing so that I don't have milk supply problems.

We still have quite a few more things on our baby to do list then I would like, but hopefully that will change after this weekend. Jeff is going to a car seat inspection place today to get the car seat properly installed and make sure there are no problems. That's probably the biggest thing left. But we also have to pack a hospital bag, clean some items that we got used including her tub, finish putting her stuff away so her room isn't a mess, open up/set up/put batteries in all the stuff, BUY the batteries to put in all the stuff, put sheets on the pack n play, co-sleeper, & crib, etc... ugh, overwhelming! Jeff's mom came down last Saturday to help with a bunch of stuff and she offered again this Saturday so we'll probably take her up on that. She cleans way better then Jeff :)

P.S. I have stretch marks and I'm not happy about it...

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