Tuesday, September 15, 2009

37 Week Doctor Appointment

Today I had to go get bloodwork before work and then we had yet another doctor appointment on my lunch break. I had my first internal which wasn't at all as bad as most women make it out to be. It was really no big deal. I complained to him about all the pelvic pressure I'm having and he pointed at Jeff and said, "that's why", haha! Then he made a comment that maybe if I got together with a jockey I wouldn't be in so much pain. But he said it's continuous now until the baby is born! Ah! When he felt my belly he said, "wow, that's a good sized baby" and then made a comment that he could feel the head when he did the internal. I had no idea they could feel the head! That's pretty amazing.

I have definitely felt her drop and while it sucks that I have all this pelvic pressure, it's kind of nice to be able to breath a little better. I guess since she's lower she's away from my ribs. I feel like she's been doing gymnastics most of the time in there. Her kicks are getting SO strong and when she kicks me in certain spots, they really hurt! It's so awesome to just lay down and watch my belly move around. We can see her little body parts poke out. Jeff is getting much more excited lately and I'm getting much more needy. I don't ever want to be alone and I feel like I'm always asking Jeff for different things because I always need something!

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