Wednesday, July 8, 2009

27 Weeks

Things are going ok for me. I'm excited to be in the third trimester but at the same time it's a little scary. Things are definitely starting to get real. The "baby brain" is really getting to me. I find it difficult to concentrate on anything and I'm constantly forgetting everything. Jeff & I took a tour of the hospital already but we did it so early that I think I'll want to go again in another month or so as a refresher and just to ask all of our new questions. I've already been feeling worse and I blame that on totally giving up on excersizing. I've been trying so hard to keep up with just a little bit every day but it's getting exhausting. Jeff & I did some serious grocery shopping this weekend so now I have all sorts of good stuff to eat. After we got back I spent the rest of the night chopping vegetables, cutting up fruit, and making a salad. Now our fridge is full of tupperware containers with stuff I can just grab & eat really quick which is exactly what I need.

In more exciting news, the baby shower is officially planned & ready to go for August 2nd. The best part is that I could schedule it for when Shelly will be in NJ so she can be there! The nursery is really coming along too! Jeff & I fixed the entire wall by ourselves and finished spackling the rest of the room. All we have left to do now is pick a color so Jeff can paint the walls since I can't paint while I'm pregnant. It makes me so happy to see her room so close to being ready. The only missing piece after the paint is the crib. I put the crib on the registry. It's a long shot since it's expensive but I figured I'd take a chance since Jeff & I can get 10% off anything left on the registry anyway. The glider does not really match the rest of the furniture but I don't think the baby will mind :)

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