Monday, June 29, 2009

Spring Cleaning / Nursery

Jeff & I had a BIG weekend. Actually it started on Thursday when Jeff finally got rid of our unwanted reptile... so now the nursery is officially in the works! I booted out the roommate because I was getting so anxious to start and it's a good thing I did. Turns out one of the walls is cracking and looks like is about to fall down. I'm not sure why she didn't tell me about this.

SO Jeff & I cleared everything out and I got started spackling the stuff I could right away. There were little cracks that I could handle all around the room but I left the one wall alone. We thought about cutting a huge hole at the beams & getting new sheet rock but I decided to leave it for now & think about it. Jeff & I have been getting so independent with home improvements and I feel good about everything we've accomplished. Even though I don't want to I might have to ask my dad to come help with that wall because I don't want to mess with putting up a wall wrong.

We rented a steam carpet cleaner from Home Depot. It was nice to see all those gross stains come right out! The carpet looks brand new again and I'm so glad we did it. Jeff threw the couch out to the curb and I filled up countless garbage bags of junk/clutter. It felt so good to clear out stuff. While all this was going on Jeff was busy moving furniture all over the place out of my way so I could steam clean & I was doing 4 loads of baby laundry! I was way too excited to do my first baby laundry. It really made me realize how clothes crazy I got though. I told Jeff not to let me buy anymore clothes because we really have an insane amount. I steam cleaned the nursery first so it would dry first. Jeff put the nursery furniture in as soon as it dried & I folded & organized everything I washed. It felt so good to be able to put things away in their place instead of just stacking stuff on top of stuff in a temporary spot wherever we could find room. We still have a lot do to but I'm thrilled that we made this huge start.

I have been exceptionally cranky & emotional the whole weekend. I feel bad that Jeff had to deal with me but he did a great job. I can't think of anyone else that would let me bark orders at them all weekend and hold their tongue while I insult them for not doing it "the right way". Then the poor guy had to deal with my meltdowns! It's amazing to me how fast I go from lovable to bitch to crying in the corner lately. Hopefully I can learn to control my feelings a little better and not let Jeff be my punching bag. I want to be able to deal with things the right way for the baby so she won't be around any negativity and I'm sure my hormones will still be all over the place after she's born so I really need to start now!

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