Thursday, June 18, 2009

24 Weeks

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and our baby girl measured perfectly :) Apparently the number of weeks pregnant is proportional to the lenth of the baby in centimeters. I complained some more to him about not being able to eat anything and he told me again there's nothing he can do for me. He laughed at me though so I guess I'm being a baby! My blood pressure was high so they said they will need to keep an eye on that to make sure it doesn't get any worse. Apparently that is a dangerous thing.

Then he gave me more bloodwork and another glucose test. I went to Labcorp directly from the appointment to get the tests done so I wouldn't forget about it. So I drank another sugar drink, waited an hour, and then they took all sorts of blood. My arm is pretty bruised this morning from it.

Our little family had a cute moment yesterday when we got into bed. The baby girl was moving around and kicking like crazy which Jeff could feel and then he started kissing my stomach and the baby was kicking his lips. He rested his head on there for awhile and the baby kept kicking him which we got a good laugh out of. It was just a really precious moment to me. I'm sure there's many more moments like that to come :)

I'm looking forward to our romantic getaway in only 2 days! It will be so great to be at such a nice all inclusive resort and just be able to relax for once. We get breakfast in bed, good fancy dinners, pampered at the spa, and a great comfortable room. Then we also have nature trails, a sports arena, pools, hoseback riding, and Jeff can even go water skiing! I've been calling it our babymoon :)

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