Wednesday, June 10, 2009

23 Weeks.. Wow...

My pregnancy counter tells me I have 119 days to go. That is just crazy. This pregnancy is flying by. I hit 23 weeks today and I have to say that I've been feeling worse the last week. I started getting painful cramps on top of the nausea and it's been a little hard to deal with. Last Friday I got very sick and dehydrated. Nothing I ate would stay in and I was getting dangerously dehydrated again. I went to the clinic to get help before it got worse, and thank goodness I did. I spent the whole weekend recovering from that and didn't do much else.

My bed has a horrible sag which really adds to my back pain and trouble sleeping. We have a better bed downstairs but since it's a king we can't fit it up the stairs to get it in the bedroom. Since I get up to pee so many times at night it's a hard trade off between sleeping in a saggy bed right next to the bathroom or sleeping in a comfortable bed and walking up and down the stairs every time I have to pee. Not to mention I have fallen down the stairs plenty of times which I'm scared of doing while I'm sleepy. Jeff has been dealing with the bed company for a long time now and it seems like there's always one more step to go. Now we are waiting for an inspector to come out and inspect the bed because from my pictures the sag looks like "normal body impressions". So they are pissing me off and I'm pretty much leaving it totally up to Jeff to get it fixed so I don't need to fight with them anymore.

We went to the newborn class on Monday and announced we were having a girl which was exciting. We also picked out A LOT of baby girl clothes. We got home to put them away and realized we had no more space in her furniture for them so we had to start to use hangers. I am getting very anxious for the nursery to be set up and ready. I'm getting way ahead of myself but I want a finished nursery so bad! Next thing is fixing the hole in her wall that the renter put there and getting all the carpets cleaned, though. Jeff already tested 2 different rooms in the house with a lead paint testing kit we got from the hospital and the results came back normal/safe so that was a relief since it's such an old house. But we still have lots to do!

I'm feeling the baby get stronger and stronger. Jeff can even feel the kicks now which is super exciting. At night after I shower and first lay down in bed she moves around a lot so that is when Jeff & I usually lay together & he keeps his hand on my belly. I'm getting to know her schedule and when she's moving around and when she sleeps. I'm really enjoying getting to know her already before she is even born. It's crazy to me that a human is growing inside of me, and I don't ever think I will get over it. I think that no matter what I do, nothing will be able to compare to this. Do I wish this wasn't such a difficult pregnancy? Yes. But the joys far outweigh what I'm going through physically and emotionally.

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  1. That's so sweet and let me tell you nobody's pregnancy can get more difficult than mine. I'm on bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy. 2 1/2 months to go but the doctors think he's going to come early like in the next 3 weeks. My baby always moves at night when I first lay down and in the mornings when I first wake up. It is crazy and a little weird to have another person inside of you.