Monday, May 11, 2009

Baby Movement! Maternity Shopping!

I can now feel the baby move! At first I wasn't really sure if it was actually the baby moving, but the more I feel it, the more I know it is! Feeling my little one in there really makes everything I'm going through for this pregnancy worth it. Unfortunately it's still too faint for Jeff to feel it, but I can tell he's really anxious to. He's started to keep his hand on my belly more when we are laying together :)

Laying on my back makes me instantly nauseous and dizzy, so I can't do that at all anymore. That gives me problems sleeping. Every time I wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night I switch which side I'm sleeping on, which helps the hip pain a little, but I'm sure nothing will make it go away!

Onto my next subject... maternity shopping. Maternity shopping might be the single most awful task ever. It's as simple as that. I don't generally shop in the stores that even have maternity clothes (besides old navy, which has decided to get rid of their section just 2 months before I needed it). Then there's the fact that the stores that do offer maternity sections, which are few and far between, seem to think that because you're pregnant you suddenly grow a love for lace trim and bows...

The only positive to this dreadful task is the fact that I seem to bond with other pregnant women in the maternity sections whenever I go. Before getting pregnant, I never cared about meeting new friends while shopping. I was on a mission. But all that's changed now because even though I’ve begged all of my friends to get knocked up, it’s just not happening.

So I have only bought 2 pairs of maternity pants so far and I really only like one pair. Those are my only purchases so far and I alternate them every day! I also have a bunch of casual clothes I bought from a woman on craigslist fpr $20 but they are not too useful besides one pair of jeans. Jeff's friend Hope gave me about 5 maternity shirts last week and I actually like them a lot, so that's a plus. I'm still in definite need of more clothes.

This picture could not be more accurate:

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