Wednesday, May 27, 2009

21 Weeks Down, 19 Weeks To Go!

Jeff & I got a random $10 Kohls gift card in the mail so we went and bought the baby some new toys :) When we got there we found out that all fisher price toys were on sale for 60% off which was an extra little added bonus! It took us forever, but we finally picked out some fun toys that will help with the baby's development and we only spent $3.89 after using the gift card. Our amount of baby stuff is piling up. We seem to be doing an awesome job with not spending too much money also. We have an insane amount of baby stuff and we probably haven't even spent over $100 yet. The free nursery furniture and all the free stuff we get from the baby class is definitely helping out with that.

I'm getting anxious to actually SHOP though. Up until now it's been pretty much all used craigslist stuff and free stuff, but I'm really getting anxious to go out and buy stuff. Everyone is telling me not to because I'm getting so much stuff that nobody will have anything to get me at the baby shower, but I don't think I can wait that long :P

Jeff & I have both been wanting to start the baby's bank account too, but we can't start it until we have the ss#. We picked out the account already, though, so everything is all set :) I guess now we are just getting really anxious, especially me. I want everything to be ready and in place. I want all the home repairs to be done, and the nursery set up. Right now the baby stuff is just everywhere. I want things to have their places and be put away. I guess that's nesting? It's a little soon for that though, lol!

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  1. I think it's exciting. I get so excited looking for stuff for my baby. I just can hardly wait for him to get here.