Monday, May 18, 2009

19 Week 2 Day Ultrasound

We just got back from our most exciting ultrasound yet! We got a bunch of pictures, video, and even some 4D stuff! I'm going to put together a video after I finish this blog because this was our last ultrasound until I'm 8 months. That seems like a really long time to have to wait to see the baby again but we will still be able to hear the heartbeat and soon enough the little one will be kicking like crazy, I'm sure! This is only some of the amazing pictures we got:

The head is still a little too big for the body, which is normal for babies until they reach about month 7. I'm just really glad that we got such a great technician who took the time to really get us some great pictures and videos.

Jeff & I also got her to write the sex of the baby in an envelope and Jeff took it right away which is probably a good thing because I'm sure I would have ripped it open as soon as we got in the car! He hid it from me :P

The baby is getting stronger and stronger. I can feel kicks regularly now without even really focusing on it. Some of them are really strong! We learned that the baby is 1 pound today, which just seems unreal. Jeff really didn't say much during the ultrasound but his feelings were painted on his face with his expression. I wish I got a little bit of video watching him watching the ultrasound!

Nothing else new to report. I'm still mostly miserable and unable to eat but I'm trying not to complain too much now that the baby can hear me :)

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