Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We're Pregnant!

I took a home pregnancy test on Friday (2/6) and it was positive. I went to a pregnancy center on the following Monday (2/9) and they confirmed it! I am about 5 weeks! I almost had a hard time believing it because I didn't think I felt pregnant. I have been drinking a lot more and peeing a LOT more, but didn't notice much else.

Since I found out I feel like I've been crying non stop, mostly because I'm so happy! Sometimes I cry for no reason at all, it's so confusing. Other then the emotional stuff I have noticed I get nauseous when I don't eat something every 4 hours or when I try to use my abs. I've started to feel like I can't use my abs even though it's so early in the pregnancy! I don't know why I feel like this, and I guess it's weird, but I guess I feel like I'm hurting the baby if I use my stomach muscles.

I got prenatal vitamins from walgreens on Monday and have been taking those every morning. They don't seem to make me sick which is good. Once I find a doctor hopefully I can find out if I should be on better ones, the problem is finding a doctor! I printed out a list of over 100 names so now I need to call around and find one I like!

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  1. Yay! Congrats!! I was feeling the same exact way as you... If I didn't eat I would get sooo nauseous. Don't try & push not eating because you are "going out to dinner in like an hour" because you don't want to ruin your appetite...I did that once & started puking outside the was terrible. I didn't really feel pregnant either & most of the time I still don't (I'm 16w6d)...they say that when we start to feel kicking we will then. Congratulations & enjoy your pregnancy!!