Friday, February 13, 2009

First Ultrasound!

We went for our first ultrasound yesterday! We finally picked a doctor and we were there for 2 hours asking questions. When we first got there they told me that I had to pay my copay and they didn't accept credit card which was all we had with us so I started crying at the front desk! It was so crazy! I can't believe how emotional I am lately. Absolutely everything makes me cry. Everyone was really nice about it though and Jeff ran next door to the ATM to get the $20 and he was back before I even realized he was gone.

I'm glad I have him to take control of things right now... big and little, because for some reason I just can't handle things well. It's crazy to me that I would cry over not having $20 when there was an ATM in the Quick Check next door. I guess I'm just lucky that I have Jeff, because I'd be sobbing in the corner all the time if it wasn't for him!

After we were done at the appointment we had to go to the front desk and everyone asked to see the ultrasound picture. Then Jeff said, "The baby already looks black," which made everyone in the room laugh! It's good to have his wonderful sense of humor around, especially right now :)

Also, yesterday the doctor advised that I stop taking ultimate aloe every morning. I started taking it before I even knew I was pregnant just to settle my normally upset stomach. I guess it was doing a good job because I felt very sick this morning. I can deal with feeling sick as long as it's best for the baby though. He didn't say it was proven bad he said that he doesn't recommend anything that hasn't been proven safe for pregnant women. So I'm a little nauseous today and I didn't sleep great last night but I will survive, because in 8 short months we will have a new baby and it will all be worth it!

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